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Our Story...

A Letter from our Founder

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them the types of people we work for.

They think of students who can’t handle college or aren’t smart enough to pass themselves.

But they are totally wrong.

We help the most successful students.

I started this company because I knew there are people who are smart enough to know what they should do and what they should have others do.

Sometimes that means focusing on classes in their major. Sometimes it means working a second job, putting in overtime, or spending more time with family and friends. And sometimes it’s just to get a break from a busy schedule.

We are your answer when you ask, “Can someone do my homework?”

Why us? We’ve been in this business for 11 years and have a history of helping people just like you.

But there’s a catch.

We don’t have the cheapest prices.
We don’t work for everyone.
We don’t cut corners.

That’s why we guarantee you As and Bs. That’s why we’ve been in business so long. And that’s why our clients keep coming back.

So when you’re ready to achieve your goals, give yourself more time, and succeed in college, we’ll be here ready for you.

Jessica Mott
Founder of Pay Me To Do Your Homework

Image of Jessica Mott, the founder of Pay Me To Do Your Homework

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The Ultimate Guide to Do My Homework For Me

If you want to pay for homework, there are some things you need to know. If you look around, it’s shocking how many companies popped up to take your online tests, complete your assignments, and even take your online classes.

How do you know if you’re dealing with a legit company that won’t take your money and run or get you a terrible grade?

We put together this guide to help you understand the homework industry so you can choose a company that is the best fit for you.

How the Homework Industry Started

You don’t need to full history of the industry because, well, it’s really boring. The reality is that as long as education has existed, students have been completing each other’s homework.

This is by no means a new industry, but in the last decade we’ve seen many new companies pop up to help student do their homework. They complete projects like calculus homework, statistics courses, writing essays and papers, and everything in between (see a partial list of our services).

In the late 2000’s our founder, Jessica Mott, saw an opportunity. She was working as a tutor helping students complete their college coursework. She kept getting asked to do more than just tutor and actually do the busy work her customers didn’t want to do. Who can blame them?

Jessica doing her best Blue Steel impression

So she launched Pay Me To Do Your Homework® as one of the very first online do my homework companies in 2009. It didn’t take long for others to see the same opportunity, and the do my homework industry today is thriving. Students are busier today than they were when Jessica was a tutor and therefore need experts to take online classes and do homework more than ever.

What Should I Look For in a Homework Company?

We often ask our clients how they knew they could trust us. How did they know that we are the real deal and would get them a good grade (guaranteed), give them assignment updates, and support them during their college journey?

Here’s what our clients tell us are clues that they are dealing with a reliable, trustworthy, and confidential homework company that will do what it says.

How Do They Talk to You? (Watch out for Foreign Companies 👀)

Many of the homework companies you run into say they’re based in the US but are actually foreign. Most students don’t want to deal with a homework company based in another country, and we don’t blame them.

Imagine trusting one of the most important things in your life (your college career) in the hands of someone who doesn’t know your culture, doesn’t speak or write your language well, and can easily just disappear!

Homework Shop
You do NOT want these people doing your homework!

You can see why most students in the US want to work with Americans to do their homework and take their online classes.

A great way to sniff out foreign companies or foreign workers is by talking or chatting online with them.

  • How do they write?
  • Do they use proper punctuation?
  • Do they spell correctly?
  • Does the way they talk make sense, or does it seem off?
  • Is the price too good to be true?

Most college students don’t want to trust their homework in the hands of someone who can’t even spell or use proper punctuation. And most of companies you run into will quickly prove they’re foreign and just trying to get your money.

How Much Should I Pay for Homework?

Have you heard the phrase “you get what you pay for”? It’s never been truer than in the homework industry.

Paying for homework is like getting a tattoo, you don’t want to be cheapskate.

Bad Tattoo
Just don't be this guy

On the other hand, if your grade doesn’t really matter, go with the cheapest price. They might not be a scam and they might get you a decent grade. Just know you’re rolling the dice.

But if your grade actually matters, then be very careful dealing with companies who promise you a really cheap price. Even if they guarantee a grade, all they have to do is refund your money when they bomb your test. Then you’re stuck with a terrible grade and they have moved on to take money from someone else.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework® definitely does not have the lowest prices out there. We recruit the best experts in the industry and we pay them well, so they stick around. Most of our experts we have worked with for years. That’s why our prices are higher than some of the other companies out there.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

How long a homework company has been around is important to know. As you might imagine, there are tons of fly-by-night companies that pop up in the homework industry.

The scammers literally make new websites every week or month, use black-hat marketing tactics to lure people in, make some money and do terrible work, and then close down once they get enough bad reviews or Google shuts their advertising down.

We’ve had clients tell us horror stories of dealing with companies like this and losing thousands of dollars because they only cared about the cheapest price.

We are proud to have been one of the very first do my homework companies and continue to have the best reputation in the industry. We were founded in 2010 and have completed over 25,000 homework assignments, online courses, tests, essays, and more.

Who’s Behind the Business?

This is an important question. If you look around at most companies, it is impossible to find out who is behind the business.

What’s their name? Where are they based? What is their personality?

You may find a name on a website, they’re almost always fake names meant to make the company seem legitimate. It’s not hard to Google and figure out they’re fake. We understand the need for some privacy in this industry, but most people don’t trust their homework with someone who won’t even give them their real name.

Our founder Jessica has been featured on multiple news broadcasts for do my homework features. You can watch those videos and get to know her and our company. We want you to know there are real people behind this business, not shady figures who won’t even reveal their names.


So there you have it. Just knowing what to look for to identify the scammy homework companies out there will put you ahead of 90% of college students.

If you ever have a question about what we do or even want to see if other sites are scams, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our business is built around lasting relationships with our clients, and we’d love the opportunity to help you succeed in your college career.