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We work fast and hit your deadlines

Tight deadlines are our specialty. We complete urgent assignments in as little as one hour.

We guarantee an A or B

Just because we're fast doesn't mean we sacrifice academic quality. We pioneered the original A or B Guarantee and we still proudly offer it today.

We're happy when you're happy

We have been in business since 2010 because we care about your happiness. Nothing makes up happier!

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We ask that clients don't submit positive reviews on third-party websites because colleges frequently check out review sites to identify students who outsource their coursework.

PLEASE NOTE: All names and images have been changed to protect our clients' identities.



"Thanks for everything. I could not have passed this class without your help."


environmental Science

"Thanks for all the help with my research project. My helper is amazing."


Doctoral Student

"I am so appreciative for all the help with this program."



"I've recommended you to several friends. You helped me not drop out."


English Major

"I like how the essays sound exactly like I wrote them."


biology major

"I was drowning in my biology coursework and part-time job until I found Pay Me To Do Your Homework. I give 5 stars!"


Computer Science

"I was nervous trying this for the first time since I've never used a service like this before. But it works. You guys rock!"


law student

"This is like an a la carte tutoring company!"



"Thank you for passing my math class! I was stressing about it!"


Graduate Student

"I used this service for my statistics courses and would highly recommend it."


history major

"I've tried other services, but Pay Me has been the most reliable."


online mba student

"Balancing my MBA classes with work was getting impossible. Pay Me To Do Your Homework has helped me succeed."


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Whatever your situation, we can help

Whether you're busy with work, family life, sports, or other academic responsibilities, we're happy to complete your courses or assignments and give you a little more time for the things you want to do. We serve all kinds of traditional and adult students.

See how a busy single mom pursuing a psychology degree had the weight taken off her shoulders when she started working with us.

Discover how a dedicated firefighter found the balance between saving lives and pursuing his MBA with the help of our services.

How a passionate art major found the balance between excelling in his art classes and an internship while managing his gen ed classes with our help.

Learn how a biology student overcame her test anxiety and excelled in her studies with our exam support services.

How an active duty soldier pursuing a mechanical engineering degree manages his coursework while balancing military duties with our assistance.

See how a determined widow found joy in pursuing her lifelong interest in political science while we took care of her math courses.

a or b guarantee

A or b guarantee

A or B Guaranteeess

We invented the industry-leading A or B Guarantee, and we're proud to continue offering it today! If we don't score at least a B on your project, we'll promptly make it right with a refund, credit or something else!

See why 35,000+ students trust us with their coursework

The numbers don't lie. We've worked hard to gain the trust of students across North America and overseas. And we'd love the chance to earn your trust.

We Use Real Experts (No AI Ever)

We guarantee that all work is completed by human experts, not AI tools. With colleges cracking down on AI usage, our human-only approach ensures that students stay safe and compliant with academic integrity policies.

Your Privacy Guaranteed

Our proprietary security process ensures that your information remains confidential. We employ the strictest privacy measures to protect students, ensuring that your academic identity remains anonymous and secure.

Top US-Based Experts

Our team consists of hundreds of experienced professionals, primarily based in the US. This ensures clear communication, cultural relevance, and high-quality work that meets American academic standards.

Over a Decade of Excellence

As the oldest homework help company, founded in 2010, we have over a decade of experience in providing reliable and top-quality academic assistance. We've been featured by countless media including Vice, ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates.


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